Swine Genetics Handbook

NSIF-FS6 Environmental Effects and Adjustment Factors

NSIF-FS7 Performance Records on Relatives

NSIF-FS8 Estimating Genetic Merit

NSIF-FS9 Application of Selection Concepts for Genetic Improvement

NSIF-FS10 Multiple Trait Selection for Pork Improvement

NSIF-FS11 Utilizing Central Boar Test Stations to Enhance Genetic Progress

NSIF-FS12 Genetic Evaluation Programs

NSIF-FS13 Across-Herd Genetic Evaluation of Swine

NSIF-FS14 Genetic Improvement of Sire and Dam Lines for Enhanced Performance of Terminal Crossbreeding Systems

NSIF-FS15 Selection Programs for Seedstock Producers

NSIF-FS16 The National Swine Improvement Federation Guidelines For Ultrasonic Certification Programs

NSIF-FS17 Understanding and Using Performance Data in Judging Classes