When the first GUIDELINES FOR UNIFORM SWINE IMPROVEMENT PROGRAMS was published in 1976, it was to promote uniformity in measuring and recording swine performance data. This present issue of the Guidelines is the third revision of that original publication. Each new revision was in response to new developments in objectively measuring and evaluating the genetic merit of swine.

I have no illusions that this issue is the final word. In fact, I sincerely hope that, in just a few years, there will be a need for still another revision. That would signify progress. In the meantime, however, this issue of the Guidelines will serve the swine seedstock industrey as the primary reference on procedures for conducting uniform swine improvement programs.

The National Swine Improvement Federation sponsored the development of this revision. Dr. Cynthia Wood, Virginia Tech, and Dr. Todd See, North Carolina State University, were the authors. Dr. Lauren Christian, Iowa State University, Dr. Charles Christians, University of Minnesota, Dr. Rodney Goodwin, National Pork Producers Council, and Mr. Linden Olsen, commercial producer from Worthington, Minnesota, served as reviewers.

Additional acknowledgements are due the many extension specialists, county agents, breed and swine industry organizations and individual seedstock and commercial producers who have accepted, utilized and promoted uniform swine performance testing.

National Swine Improvement Federation

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