Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting
December 5-6, 2013
NSIF Volume 38
Embassy Suites Nashville Airport
Nashville, TN

Papers Presented

       Honoring Glenn Conaster Dr. Keith Irvin, The Ohio State Univeristy 

       Genetic Impact of Competition Effects - Dr. Bill Muir, Purdue University 

       Transportation Loss Industry Impacts and Methods to Alleviate - Dr. Matt Ritter - Elanco Animal Health 

       Basics of Swine Behavior and its Scientific Value - Dr. Janeen Salak-Johnson - University of Illinois 

       Changes that are Happening in Swine Reproduction and How They Affect the Boar Stud - Dr. Steve Terlouw - JBS United 

       Changes at the Boar Stud Level to Keep up With the New Technologies and How Exactly Should We Select a Boar for Maximum Benefit - Dr. Darwin Reicks Swine Vet Center 

       Benefits of Selecting for Commercial Performance - Dr. David Casey PIC 

       Practicalities of Selecting for Commercial Performance - Dr. Justin Fix - Smithfield Premium Genetics 

       A Current and Future View of Where Value is Created in Pork Production Systems - Dr. Steve Pollman - Murphy-Brown LLC 

       Formulating Breeding Objectives Examples from Beef Cattle - Dr. Mike MacNeil - Delta G Consulting 

       Implementation of Genetic Resources in a Commercial Production System to Deliver Supply Chain Value - Dr. Clint Schwab - The Maschhoffs 

       Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis of Experimental Populations to Identify QTL for Pork Quality and Validation in Commercial Populations - Dr. Juan Pedro Steibel - Michigan State University 

       Genome-Wide Association Analysis of Sow Reproduction and Lifetime Productivity - Dr. Daniel Ciobanu - University of Nebraska 

       Increased Accuracy of Selection for Nutrient Utilization in Duroc Pigs by Application of Genomic Tools - Dr. Joe Cassady - South Dakota State University 

       Graduate Student Presentation - Estimation & Exploitation of Linkage Disequilibrium in Pigs Dr. Yvonne Badke - Michigan State University 

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