December 3, 2009 Meeting

National Swine Improvement Federation Board of Directors Meeting December 3, 2009

Meeting was called to order by President Dr. Doug Newcom at 7:30 in the Alabama room at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

Those attending were: Doug Newcom, Clint Schwab, Glenn Conatser, Jack Dekkers, Max Rothschild, Dale Miller, Scott Price, Joe Cassady, Benny Mote, Todd See, Bob Kemp, Mark Brubaker, Max Waldo, Everett Forkner, Harold Hodson, Scott Newman and Archie Clutter.

Everett Forkner moved that the minutes from the 2008 meeting be approved. Scott Newman seconded the motion, motion carried.

The financial repot was presented by secretary/treasurer Glenn Conatser. Max Rothschild moved to approve the financial report. Bob Kemp seconded the motion, motion carried.

Max Rothschild discussed the possibility of holding a joint meeting with the Poultry Breeders Roundtable. He stated that the Poultry & Egg Association supports the roundtable and that Cobb Vantress represent about half of the people who participate in their meetings. Registration fee is $360 per person and they pay expenses and honorarium to the speakers. Dr. Rothschild said the quality of the talks was good but that membership was declining. Their meeting is held in May of each year.

Archie Clutter moved that the NSIF invite a couple of key contacts from the poultry group to participate in our meeting next December. Motion was seconded and passed.

Max Rothschild moved that the NSIF hold a seminar in May of 2010 along side the poultry group. Jack Dekkers seconded the motion. After some discussion the motion failed.

Max Rothschild suggested that the British Swine Roundtable was an excellent event and that some of the NSIF members may want to consider attending.

The secretary/treasurer suggested that the organization should consider changing the fiscal year to correspond to the calendar year rather than the present fiscal year of October 1 through September 30. The present fiscal year does not lend itself to good business practice since it splits the year in the middle of the income phase and the membership and conference registration phase.

Max Waldo moved that the fiscal year be changed to January 1 through December 31 if the bylaws of the association will allow the change. Motion seconded and passed.

Glenn Conatser announced to the board that he would not be able to continue as the secretary/treasurer after the business of the meeting and symposium are completed. He said that Ken Stalder had agreed to serve as secretary/treasurer if no one else will step forward.

Joe Cassady brought up the subject of Officers and Director’s liability insurance and if coverage might be needed in the future. Since the NSIF does publish guidelines he said there might be a need for coverage. No action was taken on the subject.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned to start the symposium

Respectfully submitted
Glenn Conatser, Secretary/treasurer

December 4, 2009 Meeting

The meeting was called to order by President Doug Newsom immediately following the awards luncheon on December 4, 2009 at the Embassy Suite Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee.

Everett Forkner reported for the audit committee and moved that the financial report be approved. Harold Hodson seconded the motion, motion carried.

The president then called for nominations for president for the coming year. Max Rothschild nominated Doug Newcom to serve another term. Nomination seconded by Everett Forkner. There being no other nominations, Doug Newcom was elected by acclimation.

The president then called for nominations for vice president. Harold Hodson nominated Clint Schwab for another term as vice president. There being no further nominations, Joe Cassady seconded the nomination and Clint was elected by acclimation.

The president then called for nominations for Editor, presently being served by Ron Bates of Michigan State University. Max Rothschild moved that Ron continue as Editor. Bob Kemp Seconded the motion, motion carried.

The president then called for nominations for secretary/treasurer. Joe Cassady had talked to Jim Schneider about serving as secretary/treasurer and Jim agreed to serve as secretary but said he not be able to keep the bank account as treasurer. A discussion followed concerning the separation of the office of secretary and treasurer for the next year. Joe Cassady moved that Jim Schneider be elected to serve as secretary and that Ken Stalder be elected to serve as treasurer for the coming year. Motion seconded and passed.

The president called for nominations for the ex officio members of the board. Joe Cassady moved that Mark Boggess be elected to fill the USDA CREES position presently held by Muquarrab A. Qureshi. Motion seconded by Max Rothschild. Motion carried.

Max Rothschild moved that Joe Cassady replace him on the board to represent the NSRP-8 Research group. Motion seconded by Dale Miller, motion carried.

Jack Dekkers will continue to represent the NC-1004 Research group and Maynard Hogberg will continue as the Land Grant University representative on the board.

Dale Miller will continue as the Associated Member Organizations representative on the board.

The National Pork Board Executive Board member of the board presently held by Mark Boggess will be filled when the NPB hires the new Animal Science Director for the NPB.

The president then called for nominations for Directors at Large. Benny Mote, Todd See, Fields Gunsett and Bob Kemp were asked to continue as at-large directors. Ken Stalder was elected to replace Joe Cassady as a director at large and Doug Newcom was elected to replace Scott Price as an at-large director.

Clint Schwab and Mark Brubaker were elected to serve a second term as representatives of the breed associations. Valarie Duttlinger was elected to replace Doug Stewart and Dean Compart was elected to replace Max Waldo as a breed association representative.

Directors for the swine breeding companies were elected next. Scott Newman was replaced by David Casey and Archie Clutter was replaced by Scott Price. Dan Hamilton was replaced by Patrick Charagu.

Harold Hodson will continue to represent the AI companies on the board.

The central test station group is not represented on the new board.

The annual meeting and Symposium will be on December 2nd and 3rd of 2010. Location of the meeting will be selected later when the new secretary is in place.

1 Motion was made to adjourn by Glenn Conatser and seconded by Benny Mote. Meeting adjourned.

Respectively submitted,
Glenn Conatser