December 3, 2008 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Dr. Doug Newcom.

Those attending were: Doug Newcom, Bob Kemp, Clint Schwab, Ken Stalder, Joe Cassady, Scott Price, Max Waldo, Mark Brubaker, Fields Gunsett, Ronald Bates and Todd See.

Ken Stalder was sitting in for the Secretary/Treasurer and handed out packets for the meeting to those board members in attendance. Stalder went through the contents including minutes from previous meetings, membership enrollment, financial records and name tags for the meeting.

Joe Cassady made a motion to approve the minutes. Ron Bates seconded the motion. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Max Waldo moved the financial report be approved. Mark Brubaker seconded the motion. Motion approved by unanimous vote.

Todd See, chair of the program committee, went over the itinerary for the Annual meeting and symposium and stated the awards presentation would be at lunch on Thursday.

Committee Reports:

Awards committee sited the need to get more nominations for both awards. Distribution of the call for nominations was discussed and no solution was obvious but there is a need to increase the number of nominations in order to recognize others who may deserve the awards.

The fact sheets committee chair, Ron Bates stated it was time to update and review all of the fact sheets.

There was a need expressed to get committee assignments made right after the meeting and to list them in the proceedings published on the web site. There is also a need to get the board of director changes on the web site as soon as possible.

It was suggested that the NSIF fact sheet chair work with the Pork Information Gateway editor Dr. Tom Baas to assist with identifying authors and paying authors & reviewers in order to update the fact sheets in a timely manner.

Discussion followed regarding seeding some discussion in the round table of the future & needs of NSIF and its clientele.

Ken Stalder reminded board to caucus for new members.

Joe Cassady moved to adjourn. Todd See seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned.

Submitted by Dr. Ken Stalder

December 3, 2008

December 5, 2008 Meeting

Meeting was called to order by President Doug Newcom after the luncheon served at 12:00 noon on December 5th.

Board members present were: Mark Brubaker of Whiteshire Hamroc Genetics in Indiana, Ronald Bates of Michigan State University, Joe Cassady of North Carolina State University, Glenn Conatser of the University of Tennessee, Archie Clutter of Newsham Choice Genetics in Iowa, Jack Dekkers of Iowa State University, Everett Forkner of Truline Genetics in Missouri, Fields Gunsett of Newsham Choice Genetics in Iowa, Harold Hodson of Swine Genetics International in Iowa, Bob Kemp of Genesus in Alberta, Canada, Dale Miller of the National Hog Farmer Magazine, Benny Mote of Fast Genetics in Saskatoon, Canada, Doug Newcom of Newsham Choice Genetics in Iowa, Scott Newman of PIC USA in Tennessee, Scott Price of Ivy Spring Creek Farm Genetics in North Carolina, Max Rothschild of Iowa State University, Todd See of North Carolina State University, Clint Schwab of the National Swine Registry in Indiana and Max Waldo of Waldo Farms in Nebraska.

Secretary/treasurer was asked to send the financial report to Mark Boggess, member of the audit committee who could not attend the meeting.

Clint Schwab of the National Swine Registry was elected to serve as Vice President to complete the term of Todd See of North Carolina State University who is serving as Chair of the Animal Science Department at NC State.

Benny Mote of Fast Genetics in Canada was elected to replace Ken Stalder as a director at large. Stalder was not eligible for reelection.

Ronald Bates of Michigan State University was asked to continue as Chair of the Fact Sheet committee and the board decided to combine the Fact Sheet and Guidelines committees. Bates will serve as chair of the combined committee.

Dale Miller was appointed as Chair of the membership committee.

The program committee is chaired by Clint Schwab, the new vice president. Serving with him on the committee will be Fields Gunsett, Scott Newman, Terry Stewart, Dale Miller, Everett Forkner and Max Rothschild.

The board selected Nashville, Tennessee as the site of the 2009 annual meeting and symposium.

The initial board meeting in December of 2009 will take place at 8AM on the first day of the conference instead of the night before as in the past.

A discussion was held concerning the possibility of having a joint meeting with the Poultry Breeder's Roundtable. This is a comparable group of poultry industry people that have similar interest to NSIF. The Poultry group usually meets in January. Fields Gunsett said he would talk to them and see if a joint meeting was feasible in the future.

Discussion followed concerning the conference proceedings. General consensus was to publish it on the web page and discontinue the hard copies.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectively Submitted,

Glenn Conatser Secretary/Treasurer