Board of Directors Meeting - 05/30/2007

The meeting was called to order by Steve Moeller at 9:30 am on Wednesday, May 30, 2007 via conference call. Participating members included: Steve Moeller, Joe Cassady, Doug Newcom, Harold Hodson, Scott Price, Maynard Hogberg, Ron Bates, Phil Dorn, Fields Gunsett, and Darrell Anderson.

Old Business:
2006 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: Two Board of Directors names (Scott Price and Phil Dorn) were added to the minutes to reflect their attendance and as spelling error was corrected. Following corrections a motion to approve the minutes as corrected was made by Ken Stalder with a second to the motion by Ron Bates. Motion passed.

Summary of 2006 Conference: Steve Moeller provided a brief summary of the financial status of the organization following a successful 2006 Annual Conference and Symposium. As of May 30, 2007 NSIF has a checking account balance of $4,448.00.

Update on Web publishing of Proceedings: Ron Bates reported that the Proceedings of the 2006 Annual Conference and Symposium were available on the NSIF.COM website. Two additions to the proceedings are being sought including a picture of the Graduate Student Award Winner - Benny Mote and attempts to secure written manuscripts from two speakers. Steve Moeller reported that both speakers in question have not provided written materials and suggested moving forward without their information.

New Business:
Swine Ultrasound Training: Steve Moeller reported for Tom Baas that a mini certification program was held on May 15, 2007 at Iowa State University to meet the short-term needs of the industry. Fifteen individuals attended. Certification was established in relation to scan figures compared with those of a certified technician using only live measurements. Certification for a probationary period of one year was issued to those candidates who met the standards.

Membership Dues: Steve Moeller indicated that he would prefer to send membership dues invoices in July of 2007 with a goal of having all paid membership dues in place prior to the end of the fiscal year (September 1, 2007) so that the financial position of NSIF was known prior to the 2007 Annual Conference and Symposium.

Report on 2007 Conference and Symposium: Steve Moeller reported that the 2007 NSIF Annual Conference and Symposium will be held on December 5 through December 7, 2007 at the Embassy Suites Kansas City - International Airport, 7640 NW Tiffany Springs Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64153, 816-891-7788, 816-801-2229. A Board of Directors Meeting will be held the evening of December 5 followed by the Symposium on December 6 and 7, 2007.

National Swine Registry Commercial Services Group: Darrell Anderson indicated a desire to have the NSR Commercial Services Producer Group involved with the 2007 NSIF Symposium as had been discussed in previous meetings. The Board of Directors encouraged inclusion of this group in the program and would like to work with the group to determine if there are opportunities to increase NSIF membership from within the group.

Annual Conference and Symposium Format: Discussion within the Board centered around implementation of a two-tiered symposium with breakout opportunities that would focus on Technical as well as Educational topics. The decision after discussion was to utilize the 'Thursday Morning' session as a Technical forum, with the 'Thursday Afternoon" session consisting of two breakout sessions. The 'Friday' sessions would be focused on a combination of Technical and Educational programs.

Symposium Topics Discussion: Steve Moeller encouraged discussion on topic areas for the 2007 Symposium. Specific Topic Areas suggested included:

  • Swine Genome Sequencing Update: Annual update on progress and findings as was encouraged by the Board of Directors in 2006.
  • MicroRNA (miRNA) and the opportunities for incorporation of this information into swine genetic improvement programs
  • SNP's and SNP-chips and their incorporation into genetic improvement programs
  • Genetics for Niche Markets: Opportunities to include background of genetics and genetic improvement approaches used by targeted marketers of pork Potential contributors include Triumph, Organic Valley, Coleman, Truline Genetics, Berkshire Meat Products, Niman Ranch Pork. This might be a good breakout session
  • NSR progress in estimation of pork quality EPDs.
  • PRRS Resistance work/progress: National Initiative to assess genetic sources with resistance.
  • Sow Longevity
  • Sow Behavior
  • Maternal Imprinting
  • Update on Incorporation of Ultrasonic Estimation of Intramuscular Fat in breeding programs

Additional work will need to be completed for full development of the program. Doug Newcom, chair of the symposium committee will work with his committee members to further develop topics and work toward securing speakers for the program. Materials relative to the symposium will need to be in place by late August or early September to meet deadlines. An additional conference call may be planned for mid-summer to discuss the program.

O.W. Robison Symposium: Joe Cassady reported that a symposium honoring the career of O.W. Robison will be held on June 23, 2007 with the speakers being primarily former graduate students of Dr. Robison. Joe mentioned the tremendous industry and National Pork Board support for the event and encouraged attendance.

A call for the meeting was offered by Ken Stalder and second to the motion offered by Ron Bates. Meeting adjourned 10:22 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven J. Moeller
Secretary - Treasurer