December 6, 2007 Meeting

The meting was called to order by Steve Moeller at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, December 6, 2006 at the Embassy Suites -Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee. Participating members included: Steve Moeller, Joe Cassady, Doug Newcom, Dale Miller, Scott Newman, Fields Gunsett, Mark Boggess, Darrell Anderson, Everett Forkner, Phil Dorn, Archie Clutter, Jack Dekkers, Scott Price, Tom Baas, Todd See, Harold Hodson, and Ken Stalder.

Old Business:

Minutes of the Mid-year 2006 Conference-Call Board of Directors Meeting were distributed. Scott Price moved with a second from Doug Newcom to accept the minutes as distributed. Motion passed.

2006 Conference: Doug Newcom provided a brief summary of the Annual Meeting scientific program to the group and outlined the process involved in establishing the topics and speakers chosen.

New Business:

Membership Survey: In response to previous Board of Directors discussion regarding the future direction of NSIF, Dr. Todd See in collaboration with the membership committee distributed a survey of active NSIF members. Discussion, led by Joe Cassady ensued among the Board for the purpose of better understanding and defining the NSIF mission. A bulleted list of comments and suggestions follows.

  • Consensus points regarding NSIF's Value
    • Neutral territory for competing entities to discuss swine genetics
    • Opportunity to bring segments (University, Industry, Commercial/Breeders) together
    • Information shared at annual conferences has for the most part been timely and valuable
    • Factsheets have been recently updated and are available via the NSIF web-site
  • Areas of Potential Future Focus
    • Efficiency-based approaches including more on record keeping systems and how they fit or do not fit with The NSIF Guidelines Publications
    • Broaden the groups 'reach' into the commercial segment, the AI supply chain, breeder groups represented by NSR or integrated systems utilizing in-house genetics.
    • Consider opportunities to partner or participate in the British Pig Breeders Round-Table or the Poultry Breeders Round Table
    • Development of an Internship to obtain assistance in reaching the targeted audiences. Potentially working with the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence.
  • Deliery of NSIF Materials
    • Use the U.S. Pork Center of Excellence as a tool for delivery of materials and future programs, etc.
    • Use National Pork Board's support as a mechanism to reach targeted audiences, including investigating the use of the NPB call center.
  • Conference Goals and Targets
    • Two-tiered approach with technical and applied concurrent or breakout sessions
      • Producer/industry based and a Technical/Breeder/University session
    • Conference Program Must:
      • Provide Timely Topics
      • Meet a Business Need
      • Be Forward Thinking and Reaching
NSIF Budget/Finances: Steve Moeller provided a copy of the audited NSIF financial report and led a brief discussion on the financial status of NSIF. The Money Market account once held by NSIF was closed due to monthly finance charges levied against an inadequate balance. Currently NSIF finances are contained within a single U.S. Bank Checking Account. The call for membership dues and a reduction on dues for payment prior to October 1, of the given year was met with favor by the existing members. Finances as depicted by the current balance sheet indicate sufficient funds to meet both conference expenses and annual NSIF financial needs. Consensus among the Board of Directors was to attempt to keep spending down to build the financial statement to a level to assure adequate cushion to meet yearly financial projections.

NSIF Logo: Dale Miller presented print copies of the NSIF Logo designs for review. The members present discussed the options and preferences. The decision from the group was that the 'pig head'' option was the best choice. The logos would presented at the symposium for all to participants to view and the final decision would rest with a vote of the Board of Directors.

Board of Directors for 2008: Two Board of Directors Position's need to be filled for 2008. The positions include a Director at Large, to replace Tom Baas, and an Artificial Insemination Company Representative, to replace Harold Hodson. Elections will take place at the December 8, 2007 meeting.

Motion by Ken Stalder and a second by Everett Forkner to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven J. Moeller
Secretary - Treasure

December 8, 2006 Meeting

The meting was called to order by Steve Moeller at 12:30 pm on Friday, December 8, 2006 at the Embassy Suites -Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee. Participating members included: Steve Moeller, Joe Cassady, Doug Newcom, Dale Miller, Scott Newman, Mark Boggess, Darrell Anderson, Everett Forkner, Jack Dekkers, Tom Baas, Harold Hodson, Ron Bates, and Ken Stalder.

Old Business:

Elections: Election of NSIF Board of Director positions: Director at Large: Nomination of Dr. Todd See, North Carolina State University. Artificial Insemination Supplier: Nomination Jim. Krug, Swine Genetics International. Motion made by Ron Bates, Second by Ken Stalder to accept nominations for both nominations. Motion passed unanimously.

NSIF Logo: The Board of Directors approved the use of new logo developed through the efforts of Dale Miller at National Hog Farmer Magazine. Secretary Moeller will work with Dale on incorporating the logo into future and existing documents.

New Business:

Summary of NSIF Membership Survey: The Board discussed having the membership committee broaden the survey and distribute it to additional audiences. The goal was to establish a better understanding of the target audiences and what these targeted audience's desire. These data will be utilized to support discussions at the 2007 NSIF Board of Directors Meetings. In addition, the findings of the existing study along with the new information gathered will be used to develop a new or revise the existing mission statement for 2008.

NSIF 2007 Conference: The Board of Directors indicated suggested and decided the NSIF 2007 Annual Conference would be held on December 6 and 7, 2007. Location suggestions were St. Louis, Indianapolis, or Kansas City. Secretary Moeller will contact hotels in each location to determine the best option for the meeting.

2007 Annual Conference: A good discussion regarding opportunities and suggested focus for the 2007 Annual Conference and Symposium ensued. Topics suggested included Niche Markets and the genetic aspects important to these audiences. Discussion regarding how to pull in existing AI companies took place, but no recommendations were made.

Motion by Ken Stalder and a second by Harold Hodson to adjourn. Motion passed. Meeting adjourned at 1:30 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Steven J. Moeller
Secretary - Treasurer