December 3, 2003 Meeting

A Board of Directors meeting was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Des Moines, IA, on Wednesday, December 3, 2002. Present were: Gordon Jones, Jack Dekkers, Ron Bates, Rick Pfortmiller, Dale Miller, Maynard Hogberg, Max Rothschild, Fields Gunsett, Harold Hodson, Mark Boggess, Randy Bowman, Mark Brubaker, Dan Hodges, Tom Rathje, Steve Moeller, Rodney Goodwin, and Ken Stalder.

President Jones called the meeting to order. It was moved by Steve Moeller, seconded by Max Rothschild, and passed to accept the minutes of the summer conference call as written.

Old Business:

Secretary Stalder updated directors on the NSIF website. He indicated that the old web site at North Carolina State University should be rolling over to the new site. Ron Bates indicated that we may need to check on that to see if in fact it automatically does go to the new site. He indicated that the site is working and is up to date with the latest proceedings, conference information and certified ultrasonic technicians list all posted. S & S Programming is still willing to host the site and has indicated to Stalder that the in-kind value for the work done for NSIF was in excess of $4000. The board expressed thanks to S&S Programming and to Keith Schuman for providing a host site to locate the NSIF material. Dale Miller indicated that the National Hog Farmer web site has a link to our new web site. Board expressed thanks to the National Hog Farmer and Dale for providing the link.

New Business:

Committee Reports:

Steve Moeller indicated that the educational guide for use of the ultrasound machine to predict carcass composition is in its final draft stage. He indicated that Ohio State University would be willing to publish it and handle distribution if they could own the rights to it. Discussion on publication of the document ensued with Rick Pfortmiller moving, Harold Hodson seconding, and board approval to authorize Ohio State University to publish the Ultrasound Users Guide.

Fact Sheet:
Ron Bates provided an update on Genetic Fact Sheet revisions. All revisions are complete and the latest fact sheets are posted on the web site. Bates indicated that two new molecular fact sheets are in preparation and should be completed by the end of 2004. It was mentioned that we need to get a listing of Junior Colleges and Teaching institutions in order to distribute the fact sheets to them. Additionally, it was suggested that the fact sheets should be made available at the Midwest Animal Science Meetings as well as through Jim Lummus at the National Pork Board.

Chairman Todd See was not present but committee member Jack Dekkers gave a brief report. Dekkers indicated that the list of needed updates to the Guidelines has not been established at this point. Stalder indicated that he would work with See to establish the list and identify someone to work on the Guidelines revisions.

Chairman Stalder indicated that due to mergers, a couple of member would not be renewing their membership. It was suggested that we obtain a list of genetic suppliers exhibiting at the World Pork Expo and write an invitation letter to them to join NSIF. Stalder went through the list of genetic suppliers that are currently members. Board members thought that we should extend membership invitation to larger integrators, allied industry members, and others. As a way to encourage membership and provide value to current members, it was suggested that we allow members to have their company logo and a link to their web site from the site. Ron Bates moved to allow this, Max Rothschild seconded, and the motion carried.

Expiration of Board Members Terms:
Stalder then updated the group on those directors whose terms expire this year and that various groups need to caucus their membership for representatives. Two new at large directors are needed and two purebred association members were up to be re-elected to their second term.

Site Selection for the 2004 NSIF meetings:
Discussion on the location of the 2004 meeting took place. Stalder indicated that we had an invitation to hold the meetings at San Antonio from Dr. Jodie Sterle from Texas A&M University. Steve Moeller led a discussion regarding the 2004 NSIF meetings being held in conjunction with a genetic symposium in honor of Dr. Lauren Christian. Discussion on this topic followed and it was decided that the meetings would be held on either December 2nd and 3rd, 2004, or December 9th and 10th, 2004, depending on the availability of hotels and meeting rooms. Dr. Hogberg indicated he would check on the availability of the Iowa State University facilities on those dates. Max Rothschild indicated that the NC1004 meetings were scheduled to be held in conjunction with the NSIF meetings every other year and that 2004 was the year for this group to meet with ours.

Continuing Education Credits for the 2003 NSIF meetings:
Stalder informed directors that the NSIF Conference had been accepted for continuing education credits from the American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists (ARPAS). This year's meetings were allotted 7 continuing education credits from ARPAS.

Swine Genome Sequencing:
Max Rothschild described the goal of sequencing the swine genome. He indicated that several other species have begun this endeavor and that the swine industry needs to raise the money to accomplish this. He is asking that a resolution supporting the effort and a letter of support to be available when needed. This will help facilitate discussions concerning monetary support from industry members, commodity groups, and government officials. Ron Bates moved, Rick Pfortmiller seconded, and the motion carried to have a resolution supporting the sequencing of the swine genome and that a letter of support be drafted. President Jones suggested that Max work with Secretary Stalder on the letter of support.

Ron Bates moved to adjourn, seconded by Max Rothschild. Motion carried.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Stalder
Secretary - Treasurer

December 5, 2003 Meeting

A Board of Directors meeting was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Des Moines, IA, on Friday, December 5, 2003. Present were: Gordon Jones, Jack Dekkers, Steve Moeller, Mark Boggess, Ron Bates, Harold Hodson, Tom Baas, Rodney Goodwin, Dale Miller, Rick Pfortmiller, Dan Hodges, Fields Gunsett, Tom Rathje, Pramod Mather, and Ken Stalder.

President Jones called the meeting to order.

Old Business:

President Jones noted that Tom Baas and outgoing Secretary - Treasurer Stalder were appointed by the At Large Caucus to represent their constituency. They take over for outgoing representatives Russ Nugent and Steve Moeller. Ron Bates moved and Jack Dekkers seconded that these representatives be appointed to the board by acclimation. Motion carried. Additionally, Rick Pfortmiller and Bruce Zierke were reappointed to serve their second terms as the representatives for the Purebred Associations. Dan Hodges moved and Steve Moeller seconded that these representatives be appointed to the board by acclimation. Motion carried.

President Jones recognized Jack Dekkers and Max Rothschild and thanked them for the successful conference hosted by Iowa State University.

Committee Reports:

Secretary / Treasurer Stalder reported for Todd See that the list of needed revisions for the guidelines could be generated in a relatively short amount of time. Stalder said that he would work with See to begin the changes to the guidelines.

Site Selection and Dates for Next Meeting:
Dr. Hogberg was not able to confirm the availability of the Iowa State facilities for the 2004 NSIF Annual Meeting and Conference. It was suggested that we tentatively plan on December 9th and 10th for the meeting that will be held in conjunction with a genetics symposium in honor of Dr. Lauren Christian. The meetings will be held in Ames, with Iowa State University being the headquarters. We will continue to hold December 2nd and 3rd, 2004, as well, in case the other date proves unworkable. A brief discussion was held regarding the program for both the genetic symposium and the conference.

Web Site:
Secretary / Treasurer Stalder checked with Todd See regarding the link from the old NSIF web site to the new site. See indicated that the link is not automatic, but there is a button to push on the North Carolina web site that will go to the new site. It was suggested that all of the old material on the North Carolina NSIF web site be removed so all that is left is the button to go to the new site. Stalder said he would contact See to check if this can be done easily.

President Jones recognized Dr. Rodney Goodwin who just recently left his position at the National Pork Board. Dr. Jones thanked Dr. Goodwin on behalf of the NSIF members and board of directors for his long, dedicated service to our organization and the U.S. swine industry. His development of well designed research projects and sound educational materials has benefited all of the swine industry. Additionally, his efforts have benefited many in the U.S. seedstock business.

New Business:

Election of Officers:
President Jones indicated that Secretary / Treasurer Stalder had served the normal term of that post and that Steve Moeller agreed to accept the position. Harold Hodson volunteered to be the Vice President which also includes the duties of Program Chair for the 2004 Annual Meeting and Conference. Steve Moeller moved and Jack Dekkers seconded that Dr. Hodson be appointed Vice President and Program Chair by acclimation. Motion carried. It was suggested that board member Tom Baas serve as co-chair for this meeting. This arrangement was agreed upon by board members. Steve Moeller suggested that since he was just beginning the Secretary / Treasurer's post that Ken Stalder would be helpful in the transition as president of NSIF. Harold Hodson moved and Ron Bates seconded that Ken Stalder be appointed as President for a two-year term of the NSIF board by acclimation. Motion carried.

Secretary - Treasurer Stalder suggested that the Proceedings of the 28th NSIF Conference and Annual Meeting be printed in only an electronic form. The board instructed Stalder to proceed in this manner. He indicated that he would continue to work with S&S Programming to make copies of the CD of the 28th Proceedings.

Steve Moeller indicated that the next scanning conference would be held on May 17th and 18th, 2003, at Iowa State University. Additionally, he indicated that the scanning conference would be held every other year after the 2004 conference. This is the result of reduced number of technicians that certify every year. He indicated that members of the Ultrasound Committee would work with technicians needing certification during the first year that a conference is not held. In this manner, a provisional or temporary certification could be obtained until the technician could participate in formal ultrasound training. Rick Pfortmiller asked whether we were seeing more technicians that were not certifying for both backfat and loin muscle area. A lengthy discussion followed on this topic. Moeller indicated that bias has been a recent problem and the technicians have been less experienced in recent years. These facts likely explain at least a portion of the certification challenges. It was suggested that breeders and industry representatives encourage those that have never attempted to certify to go through the training in order to more accurately predict backfat and loin muscle area which will improve the accuracy of genetic predictions.

It was decided that the Summer Board of Directors Meeting would be held on May 25, 2004, at 8:00 a.m. central time by conference call. Incoming Secretary / Treasurer Moeller said he would originate the conference call.

Dr. Pramod Mather of Canadian Center for Swine Improvement offered to host the NSIF meetings in 2005 in Canada at a site to be determined. It will likely be Ottawa or Toronto. The board agreed to accept the proposal and asked that Dr. Mather bring more specifics on the location to the next NSIF Annual Meeting and Conference. Dr. Mather indicated that his organization had an interest in pursuing more cooperation with the National Swine Improvement Federation.

Rick Pfortmiller moved, Steve Moeller seconded, motion carried to adjourn.

President Jones, Secretary-Treasurer Stalder, and incoming Secretary / Treasurer Moeller made various NSIF Committee assignments after the Board of Directors adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Stalder
Secretary - Treasurer