Donald G. Levis

The Ohio State University



New Reproductive Technologies for the AI industry


DATE/TIME:  1:50 PM, December 5, 2002



PRESENT POSITION:  Director of the Ohio Pork Industry Center, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio



Ph.D. -1976, South Dakota State University, Brookings, South Dakota

            Major:  Reproductive Physiology; Minor:  Biochemistry and Statistics

            Thesis:  Heterospermic Insemination in Swine

M.S. -1972, Northwest Missouri State University, Marysville, Missouri

            Major:  Animal Science

            Thesis: Influence of the Sire on Conception Rate, Litter Size, Birth Weight, and Length of Gestation in Swine

B.S. - 1971, Northeast Missouri State University, Kirksville, Missouri

            Major:  Agriculture; Minor:  Industrial Arts




Industry activities:  My educational programs in the United States and worldwide have focused on: (1) design and management of swine breeding-gestation facilities, (2) managing boars, sows and gilts for reproductive efficiency, and (3) implementation and use of artificial insemination of pigs.

Research activities: My research (.25 FTE) has focused on evaluating hormonal influences on sexual behavior in adult male and female pigs, developing a standardized procedure and mathematical index equation for evaluating sexual behavior of boars, and effect of organic selenium on semen characteristics.



1998 -      Extension Award, American Society of Animal Science, sponsored by Pfizer

1994 -      Excellence in Team Programming (Swine Home Study Courses), sponsored by University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension

1991 -      Excellence in Team Programming (Whole Hog Days), sponsored by University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension

1989  -     University of Nebraska Livestock Service Award, sponsored by Walnut Grove Products

1988 -      Distinguished Extension Specialist Award, sponsored by University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension Service.

1988 -      Pork Industry Award - Dedicated Service, sponsored by Nebraska Pork Producers Association.


Dr. Jacques P. Chesnais

Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc.




Recent Developments in the Canadian Swine Improvement Program


Date/Time:     3:00 P.M., December 5, 2002


Present Position:


General Manager,

Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc.




Institut National Agronomique, Paris, France

Université des Sciences, Paris, France

Institut National de Recherches Agronomiques (INRA), Jouy-en-Josas, France


Primary Research/Teaching/Industry Activities


The Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement Inc. is an organization created by the pork industry to provide leadership in the development of swine improvement activities in Canada.  It advises the industry on genetic improvement issues.  It develops standards, computes genetic evaluations and offers consulting services to about 125 breeders, breeder alliances and breeding companies in the national swine improvement program.  It carries out research, directly or in cooperation with university or government research centres, on matters of direct interest to the pork industry.


Prior to his current position at CCSI, Dr. Chesnais was the Director of the Genetic Evaluation Division of Agriculture Canada, and a research scientist at the Animal Research Institute of Ottawa, Canada, and at CNRZ, INRA, France.




Agriculture Canada Excellence Award

Brian Kennedy Memorial Award

Pramod K. Mathur

Canadian Centre for Swine improvement (CCSI)


PRESENTATION:    Development of a recording and evaluation system for conformation traits


DATE/TIME:             3:45 PM, December 5, 2002 



PRESENT POSITION:         Geneticist, Research and Development

                                                Canadian Centre for Swine improvement (CCSI)

                                                Ottawa, Canada          



Dr. Sc. Agr.              Doctor of Science in Agriculture

                                      Technical University of Berlin, Germany

M.V.Sc.                    Master of Veterinary Science

                                      University of Udaipur, India.

B. V. Sc. & A.H.      Bachelor of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

University of Udaipur, India





Pramod is responsible for research and development for the Canadian Swine Improvement Program at CCSI, for about six years. Prior to this, he has been involved in research and teaching graduate level courses in genetics, breeding and statistics for about seven years at the University of Udaipur, India. and ten years at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.


Pramod has planned and executed a number of national and international research projects. The main areas of his research are:


-   Estimation of connectedness among herds

-   Selection schemes and breeding strategies (Breeding for profit)

-   Integration of molecular genetics in selection programs

-   Estimation of genomic proportions and genetic distances using DNA fingerprints

-   Genotype-environment interactions

-   Heterosis-environment interactions

-   Productive adaptability to tropical environments

-   Major gene effects


Dr. John Mabry

Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University


PRESENTATION:    Trends in sow longevity and productivity in the US industry.


DATE/TIME:             4:15 PM, December 5, 2002 







Dr. Mabry is the Director of the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, USA.  The mission of the Pork Center is to be a leader in technology transfer to the pork industries of Iowa, the USA and internationally.  His major research emphasis has been in the development and implementation of across herd and within herd genetic evaluation programs, along with development of cost-effective genetic systems for the swine industry.  Dr. Mabry works closely with major seedstock suppliers and commercial swine producers in Iowa, the USA and around the world on the development and implementation of data management systems and genetic evaluation programs in swine for growth, reproduction and meat quality.  He has developed computer software for the collection, processing and genetic evaluation from performance test data.  He has served on the Genetic Programs Committee of the National Pork Producers Council since its inception.  In addition, Dr. Mabry has participated in cooperative research, technology transfer and consulting programs in over thirty countries internationally.


Rodney Goodwin, Ph.D.

Director of Production Research Programs

National Pork Board


PRESENTATION:    Breed differences in sow longevity.


DATE/TIME:             4:40 PM, December 5, 2002 



Rodney Goodwin is Director of Production Research Programs for the National Pork Board.  In that position, he coordinates all production research projects.  He is responsible for the evaluation and prioritizing of genetic research and improvement programs.  Goodwin was the overall manager the World Pork Expo Pork Challenge, National Barrow Show Sire Progeny Tests, the Terminal Line Genetic Evaluation Program, Quality Lean Growth Modeling Project, Maternal Line Genetic Evaluation Program and the Genetics of Lean Efficiency Project. 


Prior to becoming part of the National Pork Board staff on July 1, 2001, Goodwin was Director of Production Research Programs for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC).  Prior to joining NPPC, Goodwin spent 11 years as a pork producer in southern Minnesota.


He has received numerous awards and honors including the National Swine Improvement Federation Outstanding Seedstock Producer Award for Minnesota in 1984 and the National Swine Improvement Federation Distinguished Service Award in 2000. 


He is a graduate of Iowa State University with a doctorate degree in swine genetics.  He was named the Outstanding Swine Genetic Graduate Student in 1985 and 1986.  He has authored many articles about swine breeding, particularly the NPPC World Pork Expo Pork Challenge Results, Pork Quality Genetic Evaluation Summary, NPPC Terminal Sire Line National Genetic Evaluation Program Final Results, NPPC Maternal Line Genetic Evaluation Program Results and 1991-1999 National Barrow Show Progeny Test Genetic Reports.

Gene Noem

Murphy Farms Western Operations


PRESENTATION: Management of data at the commercial level.


DATE/TIME:  8:45 AM, December 6, 2002



PRESENT POSITION:  Director of Marketing, Murphy Farms Western Operations



EDUCATION:  BS, Animal Science, South Dakota State University, ‘79




Development and management of relationships with customers of Murphy farms Western Operations market hogs and cull animals.



Gene grew up in eastern South Dakota on a diversified livestock and grain farm.  He spent several years working in the swine breeding stock industry.  As an employee of PIC during the 1980’s, he managed the forecasting, coordination and transportation of breeding stock to hundreds of farmers in the US and abroad.  In 1989, after an assignment in Asia, during which evaluated options for establishing new business ventures, Gene moved to North Carolina to manage the East Coast breeding stock sales efforts during a time of unparalleled industry growth.


In 1993, Gene joined Murphy Farms in Rose Hill, NC.  He oversaw the construction, startup and completion of a 16,000 sow production system producing over 325,000 head of hogs per year, representing a $30 million land and facility investment.  In 1996, he moved back to the Midwest to lead the development of a new contract finishing business in his home state of South Dakota.


Today Gene is the director of marketing in the Western Operations of Murphy Farms and is based in Ames, Iowa.  In that responsibility, he is accountable for managing the pig flow and utilization of over 1 million finishing spaces on over 300 locations and in 8 states, resulting in the sales of nearly 4 million market hogs per year.  Additionally he serves on the Smithfield Animal Welfare committee and is responsible for studying, understanding and bringing the business to new opportunities in the sale and use of the Western Operations market hogs.

Scott Newman



PRESENTATION:  Management and use of commercial-level data for genetic improvement


DATE/TIME:  9:30 AM, December 6, 2002



PRESENT POSITION: Technical Services Geneticist, PIC USA



BS, Colorado State University, MS, University of Idaho, PhD, Purdue University (1983)




Design and implementation of genetic improvement programs

Allan P. Schinckel

Purdue University


PRESENTATION:  Genetic aspects of fat and bacon quality


DATE/TIME:  10:45 AM, December 6, 2002





Professor, Department of Animal Sciences, Purdue University






B.S. - Iowa State University;

M.S. and Ph.D. – University of Nebraska





Research and extension in Swine Genetics and compositional growth modeling.





U.S.D.A. Distinguished Service Award for Scientific Research (Purdue Lean Team – STAGES), June 1992.


Midwest Society of Animal Science, Young Scientist Extension Award.  March, 1993.


National Swine Improvement Federation Distinguished Service Award – Team award for the development of STAGES.  December 1995.


1996 Purdue University Agricultural Research Award, May 1996.


1996 Dean’s Team Award – Swine Production Technology Team, May 1996.

David S. Casey

Graduate Student, Iowa State University


PRESENTATION:  Graduate student award paper presentation:

The use of electronic feeders in genetic improvement programs for swine


DATE/TIME:  11:30 AM, December 6, 2002




PRESENT POSITION:  Research Assistant, Iowa State University

Starting January 1, 2003 Research Specialist, Pig Improvement Company




B.S., 1992, Wilmington College of Ohio

M.S., 1998, University of Nebraska

Ph.D., (2003), Iowa State University




Developed and evaluated a method of editing errors in data from electronic feeders

Edited feed intake data from three National Pork Board studies

Compared performance of growing pigs fed using electronic versus conventional feeders

Evaluated different testing strategies to maximize the use of electronic feeders

Consulted with two breeding companies on the use of electronic feeders

Designed and implemented an experiment to select for decreased residual feed intake





Gamma Sigma Delta                 2002                National Agricultural Honor Society

Lauren Christian Award            2001                Iowa State University

Work-study Assistantship         2000-02           Iowa State University

Research Assistantship  1999-02           Iowa State University

Pace Award                             1999                Iowa State University