National Swine Improvement Federation

2001 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2001

Embassy Suites Hotel


St. Louis, Missouri


The Annual Meeting was held at 12:00 noon on December 7, 2001, at the Embassy Suites Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri.  President Moeller called the meeting to order and Tom Baas provided an invocation.

The minutes of the December 8, 2000 Annual Meeting were presented as published in the 2000 Record of Proceedings, of the National Swine Improvement Federation Conference and Annual Meeting, Volume 25.  President Moeller reviewed the financial statement prepared by Treasurer Stalder.  The statement showed a checking account balance of $4,667.19 and a savings balance of $5,537.22 in the form of a certificate of deposit (CD) with the total available resources of $10,204.41.  The auditing committee consisting of Chairman Bob Uphoff and member Craig Good were not present for the meeting, but did provide Treasurer Stalder with a report.  This report states that all transactions were consistent with the business of the Federation.  It was properly moved, seconded and passed unanimously that the treasurer’s report be accepted as presented.


*          President Moeller recognized the companies providing financial support for this year’s Annual meeting and conference.  They included:  Classic Medical, Cotswold Swine Genetics, Danbred U.S.A., Dekalb Choice Genetics, Pig Improvement Company, Premier Pork Systems, NPD, S & S Programming, Shamrock Genetics and United Swine/ Lone Willow Genetics.  Moeller thanked them for their continued support and noted without it the organization would not be able to provide the quality of programs it has the past several years.


President Moeller recognized outgoing director Dean Compart.


President Moeller turned the podium over to Dr. Cathy Ernst of Michigan State University.  She read the citation for Mr. Charles Farber the 2001 Lauren L. Christian Memorial Graduate Student Award.  He was awarded a plaque and a $500 stipend.  Dr. Jodi Sterle read the citation for Dr. Maynard Hogberg of Michigan State University, the 2001 Charles Stanislaw Memorial Distinguished Service Award Winner.  Moeller and Sterle presented Dr. Hogberg a plaque.  Secretary – Treasurer Stalder presented a plaque to President Moeller for his hard work and dedication to NSIF.

President Moeller announced the election of offices for 2002.  The new NSIF president will be Dr. Gordon Jones of Western Kentucky University and the Vice President will be Dr. Jack Dekkers of Iowa State University.  He announced that the Board had decided to accept the invitation of Glenn Conatser and Ken Stalder to hold the 2002 Annual Meeting and Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.  The dates for the 2002 Annual Meeting and Conference are December 5 and 6.

Publications: The 2000 Conference Proceedings, NSIF Volume 25, were published and distributed to all of the 2000 Conference attendees, Federation membership, University Swine Specialists, and those requesting copies.  It was mentioned that additional copies are available to anyone needing more copies.


It was moved, seconded, and passed that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,





Ken Stalder

Secretary - Treasurer

2001 NSIF Proceedings