The National Swine Improvement Federationís primary function, is to develop and implement more uniform, effective, and coordinated swine improvement programs. Its members include, but are not limited to, seedstock producers, central test stations, swine-testing organizations, A.I. studs, and other seedstock production and marketing groups.


Each year the Federation holds a conference and annual meeting during which the impact and application of swine breeding technology are reviewed and updated. The publication of the proceedings of these conferences serves to advance the Federationís objective of improving genetic evaluation programs.


The 2001 conference and annual meeting were held in St. Louis, Missouri, on December 6 and 7, 2001. The conference program included in-depth presentations on current swine genetics research areas and on methodology of applying state-of-the-art technology in actual breeding stock selection. The complete program included presentations by recognized authorities from universities and industry.


The program committee was chaired by Peter Simedrea, Shamrock Genetics; Matt Culbertson, Heartland Pork; Gordon Jones, Western Kentucky University; Russ Nugent, The Pork Group; and Dale Miller, The National Hog Farmer.


We hope these proceedings will be useful and informative. Additional copies of this and previous proceedings are available from the office of the Secretary-Treasurer. Copies of the Swine Genetics Handbook, containing fourteen fact sheets, can be purchased from the Secretary at $10.00 each. In addition, Guidelines For Uniform Swine Improvement Programs is available at no charge.


Elsewhere in these proceedings you will find a list of the 2001-2002 officers, directors, and acting committees of the Federation. If you wish to communicate with any of these because of a mutual concern or interest, do not hesitate to do so. Also, if I can be of any assistance please contact me. Additional information is available at the NSIF web site:


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NSIF Secretary-Treasurer

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