National Swine Improvement Federation

2000 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 8, 2000

Embassy Suites Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee


The annual meeting was held at 12:00 noon on December 8, 2000, at the Embassy Suites in Nashville, Tennessee. President Moeller called the meeting to order and an invocation was provided.


The minutes of the November 17, 1999 Annual Meeting was presented as published in the 1999 Record of Proceedings, National Swine Improvement Federation, Volume 24. It was properly moved, seconded, and passed that the minutes be approved as printed. The statement showed a checking account balance of $7,348.76 and a savings balance in the form of a certificate of deposit of $5,244.79 for a total available resources of $12,593.55.


Steve Moeller reported that the auditing committee had approved the financial statement for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2000. The auditors’ report, presented by Steve Price, indicated that the financial statement had a $0.05 error and should be corrected before printing. All transactions were consistent with the business of the Federation. It was properly moved, seconded, and passed that the treasurers’ report be accepted when the correction is made.


President Moeller recognized outgoing directors: Harold Hodson, Jim Venner, Mike Paul, and Todd See.


President Moeller congratulated the program committee chair Russ Nugent and the rest of the program committee for planning a successful 25th Anniversary Conference and Annual Meeting. Special recognition was attributed to the contributors who helped make the 25th Annual Meeting and Conference a special success. Those contributors included: NPD, USA; PIC, USA; The National Swine Registry; S&S Programming; Swine Genetics International; Multigene, USA; Lone Willow Genetics/United Swine Genetics; Shamrock Genetics, Classic medical Equipment.


President Moeller recognized all previous Distinguished Service and Graduate Student Award winners. He asked that all of them stand to be recognized and that a picture would be taken to include in this years’ NSIF Record of Proceedings.


Awards:  President Moeller reminded those in attendance that Rebecca Emnett from the Ohio State University was the winner of the 2000 Lauren Christian memorial Graduate Student Award. Because Ms. Emnett was to participate in graduation ceremonies, she could not attend the NSIF Luncheon. She was awarded a plaque and a $500 stipend at the beginning of her presentation on December 7, 2000. Dale Miller read the citation for Dr. Rodney Goodwin, National Pork Producers Council, and the NSIF 2000 Charles Stanislaw Memorial Distinguished Service Award Winner. Dr. Goodwin was presented a plaque by Moeller and Miller.


Publications:  The 1999 Conference Proceedings, NSIF Volume 24, were published and distributed to all of the 1999 conference attendees, Federation membership, University Swine Specialists and those requesting copies. It was mentioned that additional copies exist for anyone needing more copies.


It was moved, seconded, and passed that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ken Stalder

Secretary – Treasurer


2000 NSIF Proceedings