National Swine Improvement Federation

Board of Directors Meeting

Radisson City Center

Indianapolis, IN

June 9, 2000


A Board of Directors meeting was held at the Radisson City Center, Indianapolis, IN on Friday, June 9, 2000.Present were:Steve Moeller, Russ Nugent, Ken Stalder, Tom Baas, Gordon Jones, Ricky Pfortmiller, Ron Bates, Todd See, and Peter Simedrea.


Ron Bates moved, seconded by Gordon Jones, to approve the minutes of the 16 and 17 1999 minutes as printed.Motion passed.


Old Business

Russ Nugent, program chair for the 2000 Annual Meeting and Conference.The 2000 conference will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on December 7 and 8, 2000.Support for past award recipients was discussed at a previous board meeting.Nugent feels it is critical to develop an outstanding program and speakers in order to ask people for sponsorships.Russ developed a proposed program outline and passed out copies to board members present.It was suggested that one of the major pork magazines write an article concerning the 25 years of our organization.Since Dale Miller is on the program for the 2000 conference, it was suggested that he be asked to include this type of article in the National Hog Farmer Magazine.


A discussion ensued concerning the type of format of our meetings to attract a broader clientele.An idea of concurrent sessions on a broad range of topics was discussed.Additionally, the idea of a poster session was discussed and well received by board members present.Discussion concerning the logistics of a poster session followed.It was decided to pursue a poster session for the 2000 conference.It was decided to have poster participants submit an abstract for publication in the conference proceedings.Abstracts will not be considered peer reviewed, they will be edited by the Editor of the proceedings.Only grammatical type errors will be corrected.Accuracy of content will be the responsibility of the author.Since this is the first poster session for our organization, board members thought we should encourage the presentation of posters that may have been presented at other national or international meetings.Additionally, genetic companies should be encouraged to present posters concerning genetic trends, line development, or marketing system.


Ron Bates gave us an update concerning the revisions of the Federation Fact Sheets.He stated that the majority of the fact sheets are either at the printers, undergoing final revisions, or in the review process.However, approximately four fact sheets have

yet to have the revision started.Ron suggested that original authors be given a few more months to complete revisions offact sheets.If the remaining Fact Sheet revisions are not completed by the December meeting, the Fact Sheet committee will consider appointing new authors.


Steve Moeller and Tom Baas discussed the Ultrasound Certification conference held in May at Iowa State University.It was suggested that future dates for the Ultrasound Certification and Training Conference be set earlier and that notification be sent to members of the National Pork Producers Councilís Swine Educators Committee and to all company and independent seedstock Federation members.


Russ Nugent moved and Tom Baas seconded a motion to purchase plaques for past and future Graduate Student Award recipients.Ken Stalder was instructed to have plaques made for past Graduate Student Award recipients so they can be presented at the 25th Anniversary Conference and Annual meeting.


New Business

Russ Nugent brought up review and revision of Federation mission statement and goals.Stalder stated that there were just a few Federation informational brochures remaining.If mission statement, goals, and activities need updating, it would be timely since new brochures will be needed in the near term.Stalder suggested sending a brochure to board members for their review and recommend changes at the Federationís December 2000 Board of Directors meeting.


Stalder informed all present that the next Board of Directors meeting will be held at noon on December 7, 2000 at the Embassy Suites, Nashville, Tennessee, with our program beginning at 1:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ken Stalder



2000 NSIF Proceedings