National Swine Improvement Federation

Board of Directors Meeting

December 8, 2000

Embassy Suites Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee


A board of directors meeting was held at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday, December 8, 2000. Present were: Steve Moeller, Dean Compart, Chuck Christians, Tom Rathje, Gordon Jones, Rick Pfortmiller, Todd See, Harold Hodson, Steve Kerns, Tom Long, Ron Bates, Dale Miller, and Ken Stalder.


Steve Moeller asked for a review of the 2000 Conference and recommendations for the 2001 Conference. Ken Stalder confirmed St. Louis as the site for the 2001 Conference on December 6 and 7. It was suggested that we move away from the airport area of St. Louis as a location for the meeting. It was suggested that a downtown location might prove ideal for a meeting and other activities. Board members expressed an interest in a group function for the evening of the 6th. Stalder said he would explore possibilities for a down town hotel and group activity with members of the Monsanto group who will be hosting the NSIF group in 2001. He will report findings at the summer board meeting in June.


A broad discussion for the site of the 2002 Conference was discussed. An interest in exploring a North American Continent (Canada or Mexico) was suggested with December dates still preferred. Max Rothschild indicated that he is planning on hosting a molecular genetic/QTC Conference in 2002. He suggested that the two conferences (QTC and NSIF) could be held in conjunction with one another in hopes of bringing attendance up at both meetings and broadening the scope of each as well. He suggested that he will have funds available to support this type of activity. The NSIF board expressed an arrangement in this type of combined meeting.


The next NSIF board of directors meeting will be held Friday, June 8th, 2001, in conjunction with the World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa. The meeting will be a breakfast meeting lasting 1 2 hours at a location to be determined. Secretary Stalder will provide board members with a meeting location and agenda in a mailer sometime in late May 2001.


Results of the caucus for board members are as follows:


        NPPC move to place Bob Uphoff in for a second term expiring 2002

        Director at Large move Russ Nugent (The Pork Group) to this section from swine breeding companies expiring 2001

        A.I. Studs Randy Bowman (Premier Swine) 1st term expires 2002

        Breeding Companies Tom Long (NPD, USA) 1st term expires 2002

        Breed Association Rep Mark Brubaker (Whiteshire / Hamroc) 1st term expires 2002.


Peter Simedrea (Shamrock Genetics) was nominated as Vice President, and Steve Moeller was nominated to serve his second and final term as NSIF President. Russ Nugent moved that nominations close. Harold Hodson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Charles Christians motioned to accept ballot, Dean Compart seconded, and the motion passed unanimously. Peter Simedrea will serve as Vice President and Program Chair for the 2001 Conference and Annual Meeting. It was agreed to attempt to finalize the 2001 program by the June Board of Directors Meeting.


Charles Christians asked to proceed with publishing past NSIF proceedings on the web and on CD-ROM (if necessary) with Iowa State University and Dr. Max Rothschild serving as the primary contact there. Board also reiterated that Charles Christians proceed with binding a set of proceedings to be given to the USDA Swine Information Center at Ames, Iowa for posterity sake. The NSIF board was informed by Treasurer Stalder that funding the binding project would not be a financial problem for the group.


It was moved, seconded, and passed that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ken Stalder

Secretary - Treasurer


2000 NSIF Proceedings