National Swine Improvement Federation

Board of Directors Meeting

December 7, 2000

Embassy Suites Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee


Present:            Steve Moeller, Russ Nugent, Ken Stalder, Gordon Jones, Peter Simedrea, Rick Pfortmiller, Craig Good, Dale Miller, Rodney Goodwin, Steve Price, Charles Christians, Todd See, Darrell Anderson, Steve Kerns, Max Rothschild, Jack Dekkars, Tom Rathje, Archie Clutter, Ron Bates, Harold Hodson, and Max Waldo.


President Moeller called the meeting to order and asked that board members introduce themselves. It was moved by Todd See, 2nd by Steve Price, and passed unopposed that the minutes be approved as printed.


New Business

A concern was raised about publishing previously presented abstracts in our proceedings. Max Rothschild suggested contacting the publishers of previously presented abstracts and attempt to obtain permission to reprint them in our proceedings. He suggested that publishers frequently approve this particularly of abstracts. Stalder will contact original publishers of abstracts.


The board thought the poster session was a good idea and would encourage its expansion in the future. The board suggested that a larger room would be nice for future poster sessions. Additionally, members expressed a desire for an expanded time for viewing the posters. The poster session will be included in the 2001 conference and time will be allotted specifically for viewing posters.


A discussion of the NSIF web page ensued. It was suggested that the abstracts be placed on the NSIF web site. Todd See, the curator of the NSIF web site, indicated that this is quite easy, and, in fact, the proceedings, since 1990, are on the NSIF web site in an electronic format that can be downloaded by anyone. It was suggested that the NSIF homepage address be distributed to other Universities, businesses, and organizations so that they would be sure to include the NSIF web site as a link on their web sites. Max Rothschild suggested that we transcribe the proceedings from previous conferences that are not currently available in an electronic form and make them available on CD-ROM and/or the NSIF web site. Rothschild volunteered to scan old conference proceedings into a computer. He will coordinate with Tom Baas, Charles Christians, and Todd See to obtain all previous proceedings of the organization. Additionally, it was suggested that the genetic fact sheets be made available in the same manner.


Committee Reports


Handbook:       Ron Bates provided an update on fact sheet progress. Revisions to fact sheets nos. 1, 4, 5, 7 and 10 are completed and are ready to be printed. Fact sheet number 9 is currently in the review process. Revisions have been initiated to fact sheets 8, 14, and 15. Revisions for fact sheets 3 and 12 have not yet begun. Bates suggested that new primary authors may be needed for these fact sheets. The board suggested he do what is necessary to get these fact sheets completed. Bates suggested a need for 2 additional fact sheets concerning (1) use of molecular information in animal improvement (2) use of molecular data in swine improvement. Bates moved and Russ Nugent seconded to identify authors and introduce two original fact sheets concerning these subjects. Motion passed unopposed. Bates is hopeful that revisions to fact sheets and two additional molecular fact sheets can be completed by June 2001. Archie Clutter asked how we might get a broader audience for our fact sheets. He suggested that we might consider combining some of our fact sheets with the Pork Industry Handbook.


Certification:     Steve Moeller reported that a successful certification conference was held in Ames, IA, in May 2000. A listing of the certified scanners is available on the NSIF web site. The next certification conference will be held on May 21 & 22, 2001, at Ames, IA.  He reported that certification is still good for 2 years. It was suggested that NSIF may need to consider certification for intramuscular fat. Additionally, we as a group need to encourage more university personnel to become certified for research purposes. This might require modifications of scanning criteria and methods to accommodate light weight pigs. Many universities are serially scanning pigs for lean growth trials and other projects. This requires that pigs weighing 100 lbs or less be ultrasonically evaluated. Training in this area may be required. Moeller suggested that the ultrasound scanning guide has been reviewed by Russ Nugent and is almost ready to bind. It was suggested that sections including ultrasonic reproductive evaluation section and a section covering scanning hams and bellies be included in the manual. Moeller said he would explore this option. Additionally, Moeller will investigate publishing cost share through the National Pork Producers Council.


Membership:    Ken Stalder reported that NSIF membership is up 6 or 7 members

from 1999 to 2000. The majority of new members came from the breeding stock industry. Stalder suggested that any board members knowing anyone interested in becoming or wanting more information about our organization, provide the appropriate names and addresses and he would see that information and invitations to join our organization would be mailed. Additionally, a personal follow up would result after initial information was sent. It has been suggested that the NSIF brochure be updated. Stalder said he would begin initial efforts and present draft at summer 2001 board meeting.


Awards:           Ken Stalder provided comments from outgoing awards chair, Tim Safranski:  As is usual, nominations for the graduate student and distinguished service awards were not abundant this year. Max Rothschild suggested that nomination forms and requirements be simplified. Stalder suggested that he work with the new awards chair once identified, to develop more user friendly requirements and forms for both awards. A draft should be ready for board approval a the June 2001 board meeting.


Auditing:           Steve Price reported to the board that he and Bob Uphoff, auditing committee members, have reviewed the NSIF Financial Statement prepared by Ken Stalder and found everything in order and recommended that the statement be approved as written. Max Rothschild moved, Steve Kerns seconded to approve the financial statement. Motion was approved unopposed.


Guidelines:        Todd See, chairman of the guidelines committee, provided a report. He stated that several items are needed to update the NSIF guidelines. Items like the fat-free lean equations, modifications to indicies, etc. are needed.  He proposed to get together with the rest of the guidelines committee members to discuss the update. A progress report will be provided at the summer 2001 Board of Directors meeting.


2001 Conference Site

St. Louis has tentatively been selected as the site for the 2001 NSIF Annual meeting and Conference. Stalder indicated that the Monsanto group may be willing to serve as host and possibly provide tours of their facilities as a part of next years’ conference. Stalder will begin coordinating accommodations with the Monsanto Group in St. Louis as soon as possible. The dates of December 6 & 7, 2001, were selected as the dates for the conference and annual meeting.


Other Business

Charles Christians suggested that a set of old Proceedings be bound and sent to an appropriate site for historical safe keeping. Rodney Goodwin suggested that the USDA Swine Information Center in Ames be the site for depositing the bound versions of the proceedings. Harold Hodson moved, Steve Kerns seconded, and motion passed unopposed to bind a set of proceedings and give them to the USDA Swine Center. Charles Christians will coordinate and work with Max Rothschild and Dale Miller to identify a cost effective source of binding.


Board Member Elections and Caucus


                The following board of director positions are due for elections this year.

            Terms expiring this year:

·        At Large:  Todd See (final term)

·        Breed Assoc.:  Jim Venner (no longer employed) replaced with Ricky Pfortmiller with 1st term expiring 2001.  Mike Paul (1st term)

·        NPPC:  Bob Uphoff (1st term)

·        A.I. Companies:  Harold Hodson (final term), Steve Kerns (1st term)

·        Breeding Companies:  Matt Culbertson (1st term), Russ Nugent (no longer a breeding company)


It was moved, seconded, and passed that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,



Ken Stalder

Secretary - Treasurer


2000 NSIF Proceedings