Thursday, December 7, 2000


11:00 am          NSIF Board Meeting


Afternoon Session


1:00 pm            President’s Welcome / Introduction

                        Steve Moeller, Ohio State University


1:20 pm            25 Years of NSIF History

                        Dale Miller, National Hog Farmer Magazine


1:40 pm            Impact of NSIF on the Applied Breeder


Glenn Conatser, University of Tennessee


2:30 pm            Technical Impact of NSIF 1975-2000

                        Wayne Robison, North Carolina State University


3:00 pm            Break


3:15 pm            Swine Genetics for the Next 25 Years

                        John Webb, Cotswold, UK


4:00 pm            Industry Trends and Impact on Breeding Companies, Research Programs and Other Suppliers

                        Roger Campbell, BMI, LLC


4:45 pm            Riverboat Cruise Dinner


Friday, December 8, 2000


7:30 am            Bio-Informatics and Swine Genetic Improvement

                        Jeff Veenhuizen, DeKalb Choice Genetics


8:10 am            Leaving a Genetic Program to the Geneticist/How Today’s Genetics Differ

                        Roger Campbell, BMI, LLC


8:50 am            Break


9:00 am            History of Litter Size (Intro to Session Following)

                        Rodger Johnson, University of Nebraska


9:20 am            Methods to Improve Profitability Through Hyperprolificacy I

                        Tom Long, NPD (USA)


9:40 am            Methods to Improve Profitability Through Hyperprolificacy II

                        Christian Lecour, Multigene, USA


10:00 am          Roundtable Discussion on Development and Use of Hyperprolific Lines

                        Rodger Johnson, University of Nebraska


10:30 am          Break


10:40 am          Genetic Bio-Technology and Marketing Pork to the “Informed” Consumer

                        Guy Prall, PIC, USA


11:20 am          Selection for AI Stud Traits

                        Todd See, North Carolina State University


11:50 am          Closing Comments / Discussion


12:00 pm          Awards Banquet


1:30 pm            Graduate Student Paper Presentation


2:00 pm                        Adjourn / NSIF Board Meeting