National Swine Improvement Federation



Des Moines, IA

November 17, 1999


The Annual Meeting was held at 12:00 noon on November 17, 1999, at the Des Moines Marriott in Des Moines, Iowa.President Todd See called the meeting to order and then asked for a moment of silence for Charles Stanislaw, who passed away since the last annual meeting.He then asked Chris Leman for the invocation.


The minutes of the December 5, 1998, Annual Meeting were presented as published in the 1998 Record of Proceedings, National Swine Improvement Federation, Volume 23.It was properly moved, seconded, and passed that the minutes be approved as printed.


Ken Stalder presented the financial statement for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1999.The statement showed a checking account balance of $8,922.49.The auditorsí report, presented by Steve Kerns indicated that the financial statement was correct and that all transactions were consistent with the business of the Federation.It was properly moved, seconded and passed that the treasurerís report be accepted.


President See recognized the outgoing directors: Jim Schneider, Max Waldo, Tom Baas, Lowell Harper, and William Ellis.




It was announced that the NSIF directors unanimously voted in an earlier board meeting to change the names of the awards to honor two of its most significant contributors.The Graduated Student Award was named the (NSIF) Lauren Christian Memorial Graduate Student Award and the Distinguished Service Award was changed to the NSIF Charles Stanislaw Memorial Service Award.


The NSIF Lauren Christian Memorial Graduate Student Award for research in swine breeding was awarded to Bradley Isler of Ohio State University.Keith Irvin made his nomination and Steve Moeller who also made the Award presentation made his citation.




The 1998 Conference Proceedings, NSIF Volume 23, were published and distributed to all of the 1998 conference attendees, Federation membership, university swine specialists, and those requesting copies.


2000 Meeting Site


The 2000 NSIF Conference and Annual Meeting will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 7 and 8.This Conference will mark the 25th anniversary of our organization.


Introduction of Officers and Directors


Retiring president See announced that Steve Moeller had been elected President for 1999-2000 and turned the presentation of the balance of the introductions over to him.


President elect Moeller presented a plaque to outgoing President See for his efforts and dedication for his two years of service as President.


President Moeller then announced the following officers and directors for 1999-2000:


Executive Officers: Steve Moeller, President; Russell Nugent, Vice President; Ken Stalder, Secretary - Treasurer; Ron Bates, Editor.


Swine Breed Association Directors: Chris Leman, Jim Venner, Mike Paul, and Dean Compart.


National Pork Producers Council: Steve Price and Bob Uphoff.


Central Test Stations and Testing Organizations were merged together and will have 1 representative: Larry Raasch.


Artificial Insemination Companies: Steve Kerns


Breeding Companies: Tom Rathje (replacing Jim Schneider), Matt Culbertson, and Russell Nugent.


Directors at Large: Todd See, Steve Moeller, Gordon Jones, Craig Good and Peter Simedra (replacing Max Waldo and Tom Baas), and the newly created additional director at large representative.


Ex-Officio: Richard Frahm, USDA-CREES-PAS; Max Rothschild, NC-210 Molecular Research Group; Maynard Hogberg, Land Grand Universities; Rodney Goodwin, National Pork Producers Council and Archie Clutter, NC-220 Swine Breeding Research Group.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Stalder

Secretary - Treasurer