National Swine Improvement Federation



November 17, 1999

Downtown Marriott

Des Moines, Iowa


A board of directors meting was held at the Downtown Marriott, Des Moines, Iowa, on Wednesday, November 17, 1999.  Present were: Steve Moeller, Russ Nugent, Dale Miller, Lowell Harper, Jim Venner, Rodney Goodwin, Tom Baas, Steve Kerns, O. W. Robinson, Max Waldo, Todd See, Harold Hodson, Archie Clutter, Jim Schneider, Max Rothschild, and Ken Stalder.  Steve Moeller presided.


Steve Moeller asked for a review of the 1999 Conference and recommendations for the 2000 Conference.  Ken Stalder confirmed Nashville as the site for the 2000 conference on December 7th and 8th.  Discussion of ways to broaden our membership and attendance at our conference took place.  Nugent suggested having sessions in which no proceedings were published might get more company involvement.  Ken Stalder reported that the decline in membership maybe reflective of those entities that no longer are in business.


Dale Miller suggested that approximately one-half of the 2000 conference look back at the 1st 25 years of the NSIF organization and the second portion look into the future of NSIF.  Dale Miller, O. W. Robison, and Jim Schneider tentatively agreed to make presentations concerning the development NISIF and the role of the organization in the U.S. Swine Industry.  The program committee will develop topics and potential speakers list and report their suggestions at the June board meeting.


It was suggested that we attempt to contact previous distinguished service and graduate award winners and encourage them to attend the 25th anniversary conference.  Russ Nugent suggested that corporate sponsorship might be possible to obtain to support travel expenses of past key NSIF members that may not be able to afford to come to the conference.  Russ Nugent agreed to make contact with several corporate organizations and solicit funding for these cases.  For their support it was agreed that we could place the logo of corporations donating funds on registration materials, in conference proceedings or on other key items that may be used or dispersed at the conference.


It was also mentioned that we try to contact as many retired members as possible and encourage their attendance.  Additionally, it was suggested that past test station managers be contacted and urged to attend the NISF 25th anniversary conference.  It was also mentioned that we should encourage more breeders to attend this conference.  Ken Stalder said he would work with Darrell Anderson to thoroughly publicize the event and possible send invitations to the breed organizations boards of directors.


It was agreed that we finalize the program for the 25th Anniversary Conference in early June, 2000.  Additionally, Ken Stalder will summarize ideas for group recreational activities for discussion at the June board meeting in Indianapolis.


Steve Moeller reported that the next meeting will be held in June during World Pork Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Ken Stalder will inform board members of the meeting time and place as the meeting date approaches.


It was moved, 2nd, and passed that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ken Stalder

Secretary - Treasurer