National Swine Improvement Federation



November 16, 1999

Downtown Marriott

Des Moines, Iowa


Present:            Todd See, Steve Moeller, Dale Miller, Tom Baas, Jim Venner, Chris Leman, Steve Price, Bob Uphoff, Lowell Harper, Russ Snyder, Steve Kerns, Jim Schneider, Russ Nugent and Ken Stalder.


President See asked for a review of the minutes of the June Meeting.  It was moved by Steve Price, 2nd by Steve Moeller, and passed that the minutes be approved as printed.


Committee Reports:      Ken Stalder passed out a report prepared by Ron Bates.  His report stated that six fact sheets have been completed and are currently in press.  Additionally, two fact sheets are currently in the review process.  Four remaining fact sheets are still in the preparation stage.  As soon as these fact sheets are completed, we should publish the handbook.  Hopefully, these will be completed by June of 2000.  Through his written report, Ron suggested that a fact sheet addressing molecular genetics and one that addresses the incorporation of markers into selection criteria.  The board agreed that these fact sheets would be worth while and asked that Ron identify suitable authors and initiates their development.


Certification:                 Steve Moeller reported that certification was held in May, 1999 at Ames, Iowa.  The next certification will be held May 22nd and 23rd, 2000 in Ames, Iowa.  Approximately 15-20 technicians will be due to re-certify in 2000.  The same standards as the past year will apply in 2000.  Jim Venner reported that the STAGES Plus program would require certified technicians.  A certification manual was discussed.  Tom Baas said he has received several requests for materials related to ultrasonic evaluation of pigs and indicated that a formalized document with an appropriate cover would be helpful.  It was suggested that NSIF would pay for publication of such a manual and that NPPC would likely do the layout.  It was suggested that Steve Moeller and Tom Baas develop the certification manual and take the lead in contacting NPPC concerning their willingness to do the layout and art work for it.


Guidelines:                    Todd See reported that the only real change to the guidelines would be to incorporate the new fat-free lean equations.


Membership:                Ken Stalder reported that the invoice for membership dues have been mailed and approximately 2/3 of the dues have already been received.  There are fifteen members that have not paid their 2000 dues.  Additionally, 3 new members have joined NSIF in the year 2000.


1999 Proceedings:        It was suggested that separate NSIF and Lean Growth Modeling Symposium proceeding be printed.  NPPC will be printing proceedings from the 1998 and 1999 Lean Growth Modeling Symposia into a single proceeding.  It was agreed that separate proceedings would be developed and that an ample supply of NPPC Lean Growth Modeling Symposia be available to mail to NSIF members and those normally receiving copies of the NSIF proceedings.  Steve Moeller was asked to make sure NSIF would receive extra copies of the NPPC proceedings for our use.


2000 Conf. Site:           Ken Stalder agreed to explore the possibility of Nashville, TN as the conference site.  November 30th and December 1st or December 7th and 8th were selected as conference date choices.  This year’s conference is the 25th anniversary of the founding of our organization.  To commemorate this event, a shirt and hat have been developed.  Ken Stalder will take orders of these items for those who are interested.  Additionally, it was suggested that special commemorative version of the 2000 proceedings be developed.  Ken Stalder will work with Ron Bates, the new editor for NSIF, in developing these proceedings.


New Business:              Steve Price moved, 2nd by Steve Moeller, and passed, that $500.00 be given to the Charles Stanislaw Memorial Fund established at North Carolina State University.  Additionally, Bob Uphoff moved, 2nd by Steve Price, and passed, that the NSIF Graduate Student Award and the NSIF Distinguished Service Award named be changed to the Lauren Christian Graduate Student and the Charles Stanislaw Memorial Distinguished Service Award, respectfully.  Tom Baas moved, 2nd by Jim Schneider and passed that Central Test Stations and Testing Organizations representation areas be combined into a single area with one voting representative.


Election of Officers and Directors:


The following officers and directors at large were properly elected to serve for 1999.


President                      Steve Moeller

Vice President              Russ Nugent

Sec. Treasurer              Ken Stalder

Editor                           Ron Bates

Directors at Large         Craig Good

Gordon Jones

Peter Simedrea

                                                            Ron Bates


It was moved, seconded, and passed, that the meeting be adjourned.


Respectfully Submitted,


Ken Stalder