Clive, Iowa

December 1-2, 1995

The Annual Meeting was held at 12:00 noon on December 2, 1995 at the Inn at University, Clive, Iowa. The minutes of the December 5, 1994 Annual Meeting were presented as published in the 1994 Record of Proceedings, National Swine Improvement Federation, Volume 19. Maynard Hogberg moved, seconded by Warren Stein, that the minutes be approved as printed. Motion passed.

Charles Stanislaw presented the financial statement for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1995. The statement showed a balance of $7,928.01. The auditor's report, presented by Max Waldo, chairman of the auditing committee, indicated that the financial statement was accurate. Max Waldo moved, seconded by Harold Hodson, that the treasurer's report be accepted. Motion passed.


The NSIF Graduate Student Award for research in swine breeding was awarded to Matthew Culbertson, University of Georgia, Athens. His nomination was made by Dr. John Mabry and the presentation of the award was made by Charles Stanislaw.

The NSIF plaque for the collegiate team scoring highest in performance swine at the International Livestock Judging Contest was awarded to the team from the University of Minnesota.

The Distinguished Service Award was awarded to the STAGES team of Dewey Harris, Donna Lofgren, Allan Schinckel and Terry Stewart. These individuals were co-nominated by Turman Martin and Darrell Anderson and the citation was read by Truman Martin.


The 1994 Conference Proceedings, NSIF Volume 19, was published and distributed to all 1994 conference attendees, Federation membership, university swine specialists and those requesting copies. Also, Fact Sheet #17, "Understanding and Using Performance Data in Judging Classes", was added to the Swine Genetics Handbook.

Ultrasound Certification Workshop

Three Ultrasound Certification Workshops have been held during the Federation's 1994-95 fiscal year. Two were held in Nebraska (Senek Testing Station, Wymore, Nebraska) and one in Ohio (Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio).

Introduction of Officers and Directors

President Socha announced the new officers and directors for 1995-96. They are: Executive officers: Tom Baas, President; Dean Compart, Vice President; Charles Stanislaw, Secretary-Treasurer; Charles Christians, Editor.

Swine Breed Association Directors are: Chris Leman, Mike Killingsworth (replacing Darrell Anderson), Bruce Zierke, and Dean Compart (replacing Rex Smith).

National Pork Producers Council are: Linden Olson and Bill Adams.

Central Swine Test Stations are: Bill Ellis, Lowell Harper and Todd See.

Artificial Insemination Companies is Harold Hodson.

Testing Organizations is Tom Socha.

Breeding companies are: James Schneider and Russ Nugent.

Directors at Large are: Tom Baas, Warren Stein, Max Waldo and Steve Moeller (replacing Gene Ishler).

Ex-officio Directors are: Roger Gerrits, Agricultural Research Service; Dale Miller, Associate Member Organizations; Lauren Christian, NC-206 Research Group; Maynard Hogberg, Land Grant University; and Rodney Goodwin, National Pork Producers Council. The ex-officio position representing the Federal Extension Service is currently vacant.

The incoming president, Tom Baas, received the gavel from Tom Socha. Tom Baas then presented a plaque to Tom Socha and acknowledged his leadership role in the Federation for the previous two years.

Respectfully submitted,

Charles M. Stanislaw