Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 4-5, 1994
NSIF Volume 19
Crystal Inn Conference Center, Des Moines, Iowa


Officers and Directors for 1994-95

Membership List for 1995

Associate Membership List for 1995

Papers Presented:

Identifying Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) in Pigs - Problems and Prospects (Unavailable)

Genetics of Pork Quality

Impact of Electronic Identification and Related Technologies on Genetic Improvement and Swine Production (Unavailable)

Effects of Porcine Stress Syndrome Genotype on Sow Productivity (Unavailable)

The Effect of Lean Growth Selection on Reproductive Performance (Unavailable)

Lean Growth Modeling

Genetic Principles and What is an EPD?

History of Genetic Evaluation - What is BLUP?

Features of a Good On-Farm Test Program

Current Swine EPD Programs

The Use of Breeding Values by an Independant Breeding Company (Unavailable)

Use of Sire Summaries in Establishing Breeding Systems

Index vs. Single Trait Selection

Use of EBV's and Their Value

Comparison of EPDs from Different Sources

1994 Annual Meeting Minutes

1994 Annual Financial Report

1994 Conference Registrants

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