Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 6-8, 1992
NSIF Volume 17
Sheraton Inn, Omaha, Nebraska


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1993

Membership List for 1993

Associate Membership List for 1993

Papers Presented:

Application of "Biotechnology" to the Pig

Genes for Porcine Stress Syndrome

A Model for Selecting for Improved Lean Gain

Updating the Value of Lean

Selection for Growth-Experimental Results

Selection and Response in a Breeding Herd

Sucessful Selection for Improved Reproduction Performance

Changing Reproduction in a Breeding Herd

Update on the Chinese Pig in the USA

Using TOBEC for Carcass Lean Evaluation and It's Impact on Market Hog Value and Plans

NPPC Genetic Evaluation Program Traial Results Update

1992 Annual Meeting Minutes

1992 Annual Treasurer's Report

1992 NSIF Awards

1992 Conference Participants

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