Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 5-6, 1990
NSIF Volume 15
Park Inn International, Des Moines, Iowa


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1991

Membership List for 1991

Associate Membership List for 1991

Papers Presented:

Pork Quality in Genetic Improvement Programmes - A Danish Experience

Current Status of Real-Time Ultrasound Research

Use of Biopsy to Evaluate Muscle in Pigs

Technology for Measuring Pork Carcass Composition and Quality (Unavailable)

Selection Intensity and Response as Affected by Methods of Selecting and Mating Replacement Animals

Making the Connection: A.I. in the Seedstock Herd

Identifying and Exploiting Your Market

Quality in the European Trade Market

The Importance of Whole-Herd Testing and Short Generation Interval for Genetic Improvement (Unavailable)

A Comparison of Alternative Multivariate BLUP Models for Genetic Evaluation of Swine

North Carolina Swine Evaluation Station A Ten-Year Summary

1990 Annual Meeting Minutes

1990 Annual Treasurer's Report

NSIF Awards Program

1990 Conference Participants

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