Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 3-5, 1989
NSIF Volume 14
Royal York Hotel, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1990

Membership List for 1990

Associate Membership List for 1990

Papers Presented:

Using the Animal Model to Estimate Breeding Values for Sow Productiviity Traits (Unavailable)

STAGES - National Decision Report System for US Swine Breeders (Unavailable)

A Genetic Overview of Pork Quality and Evaluation of Traits to Consider for Future Swine Breeding Program (Unavailable)

Selection and Genetic Improvement: Using the Nebraska SPF Performance Testing Program (Unavailable)

Using the STAGES Program

Electronic Grading of Pig Carcasses: The Canadian Experience (Unavailable)

Eight Perceptions About Pork Muscle Quality

Challenges to the Pork Industry (With Particular Reference to Purebreeding)

The Challenging U.S. Seedstock and Pork Industry

Can A Seedstock Producer Compete?

A Breeding Company's View of Its Role In Supplying Genetic Material (Unavailable)

1989 Annual Meeting Minutes

1989 Annual Treasurer's Report

1989 Conference Participants

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