Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 4-6, 1988
NSIF Volume 13
Holiday Inn West/Airport, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1989

Membership List for 1989

Associate Membership List for 1989

Papers Presented:

Effects of Pedigree Errors or Selection of Data on Three Methods of Estimating Breeding Values for Litter Size, Backfat, and Average Daily Gain in Swine (Unavailable)

Selection for Growth and Its Effects on Fat, Body Composition and Reproduction in Poultry Meat Production

Biological and Genetic Components of 21-day Litter Weight

Comparison of Indexes for Maternal Selection

The Evolution of Performance Programs in the American Angus Association (Unavailable)

Dissemination of Genetic Change Through the Swine Industry

The Genetic Interrelationships of Disease, Reproduction, and Leg Soundness in Swine (Unavailable)

The Role of Growth Promotants and Drug Use in Reproduction and Genetic Evaluation (Unavailable)

1988 WPX Pork Challenge Test

Overview of NPPC Research and Education Programs

Value and Limitations of Comparative Testing Schemes

The North Carolina On-Farm Swine Performance Testing Program (Unavailable)

A Scenario and Model Herd Improvement Using Cammack Farms

Scenarois Involving the Oklahoma State University Prebred Yorkshire Herd (Unavailable)

Central Test Station Workshop Report

Across Station Ties Will Strengthen Test Values

Commercial Workshop Report, Long View Commercial Pork Farm

I & S Furrer Farms

1988 Annual Meeting Minutes

1988 Treasuerer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1988

1988 Commercial Producer of the Year

1988 NSIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

1988 NSIF Continuing Service Award

NSIF Awards Program

1988 Conference Participants

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