Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 6-8, 1987
NSIF Volume 12
Holiday Inn West/Airport, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1988

Membership List for 1988

Associate Membership List for 1988

Papers Presented:

Comparison of Methods of Predicting Breeding Values of Swine (Unavailable)

A Comparison of RAM and Shortcut BLUP For Estimating Breeding Value Using Central Boar Test Station Data

Using the Animal Model to Estimate Breeding Values from Canadian R.O.P. Data (Unavailable)

Acurate Estimation of Breeding Values in Swine. How Big Should Contemporary Groups Be?

Improving the Leanness of Pork Through the Use of Repartitioning Agents (Unavailable)

Prospects for Genetic Improvement Through Gene Identification and Transfer in Swine

Importance of Lean Tissue Growth and Lean Tissue Feed Conversion to the Swine Industry

Selection for and Prediction of Efficient Lean Tissue Growth (Unavailable)

Economic Changes in the Lean Guide to Pork Value

Genetic Change, Benefit, and Use of Performance Records

Genetic Change, Benefit, and Use of Performance Programs in a Commercial Herd (Unavailable)

A Scenario and Model for Herd and Breed Improvement

Performance Testing Scenarios Using the Rutter Yorkshire Herd as a Model (Unavailable)

Seedstock Committee Report

Commercial Workshop Report

Central Test Station Committee Report

1987 Annual Meeting Minutes

1987 Treasuerer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1987

1987 Commercial Producer of the Year

1987 NSIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

NSIF Awards Program

1987 Conference Participants

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