Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 7-9, 1986
NSIF Volume 11
Holiday Inn West/Airport, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1987

Membership List for 1987

Associate Membership List for 1987

Papers Presented:

Influence of Herd Size, Percent Herd Tested, Number of Sires Used, and Dams Per Sire on Testing Accuracy and Testing Improvement

Contemporary Group - Definition and Influence Upon Accuracy (Unavailable)

An Overview of Economics of Performance Testing

Acurracy of Measuring Body Composition in the Live Animal and Carcass (Unavailable)

Comparing Various Ultrasonic Devices and Backfat Probes

Alternative Methods to Estimate Breeding Values of Swine

Effects of Inbreeding and Outcrossing on Estimated Breeding Value (Unavailable)

Utilizing Performance Information for Herd Improvement

Potential Use of Test Stations for Genetic Improvement

How Boar Test Stations Can Enhance Genetic Progress in Conjunction with Stages Analysis (Unavailable)

How Central Testing Can Improve Pork Value

Traits Related to Reproductive Efficiency in Swine

Swine Testing Station Breeding System in the German Democratic Republic (Unavailable)

Seedstock Workshop Report

Central Test Station Report

Commercial Workshop Report

A Scenario and Slide Presentation of Cole Swine Farms Inc.

Scenarois Using the Cole Swine Farm Model for Herd and Breed Improvement (Unavailable)

Performance Testing Scenarios Using the Calvia Holt Hampshire Herd Method (Unavailable)

A Scenario and Presentation of the Leiske Farms

Scenarios and Responses Using the Leiske Genetics Herd Model for Data Analysis and Herd Improvement (Unavailable)

1986 Annual Meeting Minutes

1986 Treasurer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1986

1986 Commercial Producer of the Year

1986 NSIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

1986 Distinghuished Service Award

NSIF Awards Program

1986 Conference Participants

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