Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 1-3, 1985
NSIF Volume 10
Henry VII, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1986

Membership List for 1986

Associate Membership List for 1986

Papers Presented:

Parameter Estimates for Index Formulation

Adjustment Factors for Known Sources of Variation for Use in Sow Productivity Indexes (Unavailable)

Environmental Effects on Reproductive Performance in Swine: Adjustments for Sow Productivity Index (Unavailable)

Bio-Statistical Basis for STAGES

Relationship Between Lean Growth and Reproduction in Laboratory Animals (Unavailable)

Selection for Lean Growth in Swine and Its Correlated Response on Reproduction (Unavailable)

Relationship of Leanness to Carcuss Traits

Impact of Fat Deposition on Body Composition of Swine

The Relationship of Leanness to Growth-Related Traits

Relationship of Backfat and Growth to Reproduction in the Male (Unavailable)

How to Get Seedstock Producers Involved in a Performance Testing Program (Unavailable)

Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System Concepts

Panel Comments to STAGES Program

Goals and Objectives for a Commercial Selection Program

Using Records to Make Management and Selection Decisions

Adjustment of Performance Records at Swine Test Stations for Known Sources of Variation (Unavailable)

Updating Central Test Station Indexes

United States Swine Testing Evaluation Stations

Pork Value and Test Stations in the 80's

Central Test Station Report

Guidelines Needed to Help Pork Producers Make Sound Decisions (Unavailable)

Problem Solving with Computerized Swine Records

Culling and Mortality in 18 North American Swine Breeding Herds (Unavailable)

A Comparison of Methods for Ranking Boars from Different Central Test Stations (Unavailable)

1985 Annual Meeting Minutes

1985 Treasuerer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1985

1985 Commercial Producer of the Year

1985 NSIF Seedstock Producers of the Year

1985 Distinghuished Service Award

NSIF Awards Program

1985 Conference Participants

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