Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 2-4, 1984
NSIF Volume 9
Airport Hilton, Indianapolis, Indiana


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1985

Membership List for 1985

Associate Membership List for 1985

Papers Presented:

Importance of Leanness to the Pork Industry

Significance of Lean in the Carcass Value Program

Ultrasonic Machine Comparison - Accuracy in Predicting Leanness in Swine and Use in Genetic Improvement (Unavailable)

Usefulness of Ultrasonic Determination of Loin Eye Area

Analyzing Performance Field Data Reliability Usefulness and Role of University and Industry

Selection Index

Estimating Breeding Values - Method, Accuracy, and Practical Application (Unavailable)

Implementing a Selection Program - Problems and Concerns

On-Farm Program for Seedstock Producers

Reaction Panel to Pork Value Seedstock Testing Program

Seedstock Workshop Report

Total Performance Program for Commercial Producers Report

Canadian Test Station Role and Future Use

University of Georgial Pilot Project for a National Central Test Young Sire Evaluation Program (Unavailable)

Test Station Manager Session Summary

Building a Commercial Herd from Ground Zero

1984 Annual Meeting Minutes

1984 Treasuerer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1984

1984 Commercial Producer of the Year

1984 NSIF Seedstock Producers of the Year

1984 Distinghuished Service Award

NSIF Awards Program

1984 Conference Participants

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