Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 5-7, 1982
NSIF Volume 7
Hyatt House, Des Moines, Iowa


Annual Meeting Program

Officers and Directors for 1983

Membership List for 1983

Associate Membership List for 1983

Papers Presented:

Opportunity in Swine Breeding

The Real World of Swine Breeding Systems

Direct Selection for Feed Conversion

Overview of Industry Pork Value Program

Implementation of Pork Value Program

Implications to Purebred and Commercial Swine Breeding

The Purebred Producer's Challenge

Utilizing Performance Pedigrees

Crossbreeding Systems for the 80's and Beyond

Outcome of Commercial Crossbreeding Strategies with Selection for Overall Performance and Litter Size (Unavailable)

Impact of Boar Selection in Our Commercial Swine Operation

Revitalizing Breeder Participation in Central Testing

Sow Productivity Index Update

Economics of Commercial Sow Productivity

Genetic Evaluation of Young Boars and Gilts for Sow Productivity (Unavailable)

Potential for Boar Progeny Testing

The Closing of Central Test Stations & Improving Performance Testing (Unavailable)

Role of Central Test Stations in Swine Improvement

Seedstock Producer, Commercial Producer and Test Station Manager Workshop Summaries (Unavailable)

1983 Annual Meeting Minutes

1983 Treasuerer's Report

Producer of the Year Awardees for 1982

1982 NSIF Distinghuished Service Award, Commercial Producer of the Year (Unavailable)

1982 NSIF Seedstock Producer of the Year

NSIF Awards Program

1982 Annual Meeting Participants

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