Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 2-4, 1979
NSIF Volume 4
Holiday Inn-West, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Membership List for 1980

Associate Membership List for 1980

Papers Presented:

Program and Trait Committees

How Swine Respond to Performance Testing

How Well Will We Respond to the Performance Challenge

Yorkshire Sow Productivity Program

Application of Sow Selection

Application of NSIF Reproduction & Sow Productivity Guidelines Recommendations (Unavailable)

Keeping Pigs Healthy to Maximize Gains

Biological and Applied Basis for Performance Testing

Relationship of Live Animal Scores and Measures to Production Traits in Swine (Unavailable)

Feet and Legs Soundness

Cattle Skeletal Development as Measured by Frame Score and Height Measurements (Unavailable)

Can Visual Traits Be Related to Performance

Carcass Changes and Evaluation Implications Resulting from Selection for Growth or for Leanness in Yorkshire at the Ohio State University (Unavailable)

Growth and Development Relationships to Carcass Composition

Carcass Data, Trends and Their Use in Our Herd

How Do Commercial Producers Use the Central Test Station

What Have We Learned from Central Testing?

1979 Annual Meeting Minutes

1979 Treasuerer's Report

1979 NSIF Distinghuished Service Award

1979 Producer of the Year Awardees

NSIF Awards Program

1979 Annual Meeting Participants

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