Record of Proceedings
National Swine Improvement Federation
Conference and Annual Meeting

December 3-5, 1978
NSIF Volume 3
Holiday Inn-West, St. Louis, Missouri


Annual Meeting Program

Membership and Associate Membership Lists for 1979 (Unavailable)

Papers Presented:

British Pig Testing, Reproduction and Sow Productivity

Measuring Boar Fertility

Components of Sow Productivity and Selection for Genetic Improvement (Unavailable)

X-Ray Analysis of Structural Soundness in Swine

Review of 1978 National Barrow Show Production Tested Barrow Contest (Unavailable)

Nutritional Considerations Regarding Structural Soundness in Swine (Unavailable)

Selection for Feed Efficiency

The Packers Stake in Carcass Evaluation

Considerations in Assessing Pork Carcass Merit

The Central Test Station's Role in Breeding Purebred Hogs

Using Space Age Technology in Selection for Sow Productivity

Whole Herd Testing

President's Address

NSIF's Future Role

1978 Annual Meeting Minutes (Unavailable)

1978 Treasuerer's Report

NSIF Distinghuished Service Award for 1978

Producer of the Year Nominees for 1978

1978 Annual Meeting Participants (Unavailable)

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